Sunday, May 8, 2011

Leading up to Mothers Day!

It has been a really hectic week! it is FINALLY here....HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! I will recap my week, as I have been a sewing crazy lady, in between Awanas Awards..Baseball practice and lotsa games, I was so ready for today to do nothing!!

Wednesday we had our last Awanas...Scotty received 2 ribbons for completing 2 books. He was so close to finishing the third book..but didn't make it! Bella received an award for her participation, she almost finished her first book..

Thursday I met my sweet friend Sheri for lunch...we caught up and ate yummy table side guacamole at Ernesto's..Bella also had dance that night. Thursday nights are my mommy time, I get to chat with my gurfrens..Lainey, Abby, Bryn and is a time we get to laugh, catch up, make plans..good times!

Scotty had practice Friday night, along with a game at 8pm...We WON!! The boys did really well, and sadly I forgot my camera....Scott got home late that night, it has just been a crazy couple weeks.

I had been sewing and creating stuff for the last few weeks, that I was making to sell at the Bazaar held at our school...So I have never participated in one, or really SOLD anything of mine. Yes I like to make stuff, but to actually display it is a little bit different. My GREAT friend Lainey really helped me out!
 She isSweets on a Stick, and does these cake pops alot..Has done many shows, and without her I woulda been sunk! She came Friday night and helped me get organized..She thought of all the details and hooked me up!!

Saturday morning we were ready to go! This is what we did....

Me and Lainey...
I sold ALOT of stuff! Took ALOT of Orders...and it went awesome!! I was shocked at how much stuff I sold! I did come home with a few things, but am going to see about putting them on Etsy..and I have a few people in mind, that did not get to come by the bazaar...

I have had a heavy heart about the move that will be upcoming...Mr. P was so sad to hear that we are leaving, I had to tell him, as he keeps wanting Bella in his class next year...

I was sad.

I really am trying to stay positive in this decision..Trying to focus on the things I can not change,the big one is that our family can NOT be all together if we would stay here, and that is the big one! I want normalcy, like we used to be, cook dinner every night, hang out with each other, have Scott be a part of what goes on, on a daily basis...


So along with me being at the Bazaar, Scott go to be Mr. Mom, running Bella to 2 softball games in McKinney and Scotty had 2-3 games planned for that day as well...we played a tournament of games, due to missing so many because of bad weather. It was awesome, Bella hit a grand slam...and Scotty's team won all their games! Bellas team still remains undefeated..Woo Hooo!!

Needless to say I was not there to get pictures of it...But I heard it was great and she was so excited!! Thanks so much to my friends Leanna and Velma, for bringing Bella home, and taking Scotty to the last games..I really appreciate it!

So Today is Mother's day, so far we have eaten Mexican food and I took a nap!

I did exactly what I wanted...........NOTHING!

But it is also my Husbands' Birthday!!! Happy Birthday ......I LOVE YOU!

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  1. Girlfriend your "wares" are amazing!!! I'm not surprised that you did so well, cause that merchandise is AWESOME!! How great that you stepped out and sold your things. I have a biz on the side and the first time we sold our things I was a nervous wreck, but we did so well!
    I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing rest of your afternoon! I'm still praying for you and your sweet family...the move will be hard, but so worth it for the normalcy!!


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