Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Time..

Saturday morning Bella had her dance recital rehearsal..That meant all dolled up and ready for pictures and a run through of how this Friday is gonna run...She looked so grown up, and it scared me!

 Lainey, Abby & Bella received their awards in Dance...

 I LOVE this picture!!! I kept telling her to make sure she smiled, and she did a great job!

 OK...Scary red glowing eye alert!
Abby &  Bella.....do you like the .98 cent hot pink lipstick? Can anyone say..... Wet N Wild?? do they even make that anymore?
 This one was a little washed out..... But they could almost be sisters!
Looking forward to the real thing....she looked great up there! I explained this is the reward for all her hard work! I am going to video her 2 dances, and try to figure out how to use YouTube...so everyone can see it!
Happy Day All!
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