Sunday, October 31, 2010

another lllooonnnggg day...

Saturday we had a game in Bonham, it was our final game, and it was at 9 am..we had to be there at 8:15, being that the game was an HOUR away, we had to leave early...besides the fact we went to the last HS game in Celina on Friday night...we knew it would be a lllooonnggg day...all in all it was great we beat Anna, which was the team we played, it is so great to see all the improvement in the boys!! It is really fun!! but I unfortunately forgot my was early and I was so mad at myself, considering that was the LAST game for us!! ugh!!

On top of that we made plans with JB & Anthony to take the kids to trick or treat on the square, and go to dinner..we survived it, and we tried a new place The Blue Goose, it is a Mexican Cantina...and it was YUM!!

At the end of our lllooonnngg day...this is what we ended up with....




Enjoy your Halloween.....Make some memories!!

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