Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rainy Day Game Beating....

We played Bonham yesterday, in the midst of torrential downpours! Our game was a home game, and delayed because of the rain, thunder and lightening...I made it there with the girls, the game was half over, and once again, Bonham was beating a pulp. The first time we played them, we did not score, that would ring true this game as least it did not rain when I was there...

Thankfully the cheerleaders were called and told, they would not be cheering...but it was a tough game, lots of fumbles, on Scotty's part, dropping the ball, it was wet and they were getting pummelled...I can always tell Scotty by not only the #3, but the white shoes....
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!
Big Hugs

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