Monday, October 18, 2010

Football, Fun & Farm Animals....

Saturday was the first of our play off games for football...whether we won the game, determined, if we would move on to play the next team, and well.....

It was exciting! Also Scotty has a new position, Center, or as my friend Susan says the "hutter", he played really well! He was actually going after is so great to see him, coming out of his shell, and being a bit more forth coming..speaking up more, and we are really proud of him, for trying hard at football. It is by no means an easy sport, one that is VERY different than any other we have played, but I think it is also a team sport like no other..

Practicing Center position, before the game, I like how Bella is near him...this is the one year they will have together..

This is Mr. Pasqua, Scotty's teacher, he came to watch the boys play their games that day, he has about 4-5 players in his class, and I know Scotty was really happy he came! This is an amazing teacher, he is so loved by the kids, he shows them a lot of love back, encouragement, he is exactly the teacher Scotty needed for this year! I missed the picture, but he was high fiving Scotty over the fence, as Scotty came off the field, it really made the boys day!!

Bellas cheer team, is also a huge improvement...they are more in sync, and being more charismatic, she has really enjoyed the girls, and they all are very sweet!

Here is Bellas introduction cart wheel.....

She was a little not paying attention, I think she is thinking of football players sometimes, rather than cheerleading!! Ha! There is one boy on Scottys team, he is in first grade, and he is Bellas' crush...his name is Jayce, which is funny that was what I was going to name Scotty!! here are a few pictures of him, he is really a cutie! He also scored a touchdown!! woo hoo!

The Farm Animals will be part 2 of this post, I have a crying baby to attend to...I mean a barking dog!!

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