Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Fall

I always decorate my house for the holidays...I love Fall!! The colors are so rich and warm, and they match my house colors perfectly! I am not a HUGE Halloween fan, I always put out a few decorations, but I do not have a ton of them...Fall decorating on the other hand, I really love!! My Best Friend Melissa gave me the idea of doing a "fall tree" when we lived next door to each other in California, and I did it again this year!! It is super easy, not too expensive and it looks really cute! I bought most of my ornaments, that consist of beaded and plain fruit, at Home Good and Walmart...the raffia and ribbon at JoAnns...I reused the little crates the fruit came in, as part of my fall set up!

This cat...oh help me...everytime I leave the house, I pray the tree is still standing when I get home, then when I let the dog out...they think this is a good hiding spot...NOT!!

This is the mantel in our house, and right now it is housing my Halloween stuff, but after Halloween, I'll put up the rest of my fall stuff...

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, we make tags for our tree of all the things we are thankful for...the kids hang them with ribbon, and I keep them every year as a keepsake memory...It is a wonderful time of the year...Be Thankful....EVERYDAY!

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