Sunday, October 17, 2010


I snapped these pictures when we got Daisy..our new addition tot he family!! She is super cute, and has been good so far..but I won't jinx myself! I am prepared for it to be difficult, I am going to do my best to hang in there, for my kids, and myself, because I know she will be an awesome dog, when it is all said and done!! Besides she was FREE, and in the past when we have paid a lot of money for animals, including a one rotten cat, they turned out to be pains...the cat is definitely a pain, but that is just his we figured free, was a better way to go. But there again, nothing is ever Free, hence the $150 we spent at PetSmart, when we picked her up...and that I am sure is only the beginning...if she eats a lego or Barbie shoe, we are in trouble!!

This is going to be an adventure!! to say the least......

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