Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday Football and Cheer

Saturday we played in Gunter...and we won!! Woo Hoo...Our team has won a few games, it so cool to see how much they have learned, and I hope Scotty will want to play has been an experience! I was beat after the busy week I had, and luckily Gunter is close, only about 15 minutes away, but it was still early! I am looking forward to the kids being off on Monday, and so am I..that means a no make up, hang out day!! I have my fall stuff out, and some pictures that still need to be hung, so that is on the agenda for the day!

Here are some pics I snapped at Saturdays game

Bella was cheerleader of the week, so she w3as very excited, she got a cute CHEER medal!! I can see such an improvement..they are all actually almost in sync!! It has been so fun, for us, and the kids, we have met some really nice people, and now I don't want it to end!!! We are headed into the playoff will be fun!

I am staring at a bolw of ice cream, and then we are headed to bed..I saw the preview for Desperate Housewives...I LOVE THAT SHOW! I mean I love me some trashy housewives, reality TV..But I really like this show, it is probably one of my favs..
Good Night!

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