Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brynnes First Day of School

Yesterday was Brynnes first day of preschool.....I was a little sad..She did awesome though! She got a little whiney when I left, but my sweet friend Susan, text me and let me know she was doing Great! With no children for the first time, I can ever remember in my life...Scott and I ran a couple errands and enjoyed a yummy cashew chicken salad at Cheesecake Factory!

When I got there to pick Brynne up, she actually wanted to stay! With that said, Brynne was in a 3 day class, but only going to go 2 days, because the 2 day program was full..Turns out that a 2 day person dropped and there was a wait list for the 3 day program...WE had to make a decision...and my gut feeling after spending more time with her teacher Ms. Cindy, we decided not to change her class and she is now going 3 days...It was awesome for her though, I saw her interacting with kids her own age, playing, following directions and it warmed my heart! The fact that she out of all our kids is the first to go to a Christian preschool, makes me even happier!!

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