Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Weekend to Remember...another

Well it has been another crazy weekend...and eventful at that! We went to our first Celina High School football game...It was awesome! They played a huge rival Pilot Point, and we won! 50 something to 30 something..for a few reasons I can not remember all the details:
1. I am laim when it comes to football
2. We had to leave early
3. My daughter was injured at said game, thus us leaving early in the third quarter.
Brynne managed to fall, I think on a rock, and split the inside of her lip open about a good inch or so. Along with scraping the outside as well. Thankfully there were paramedics there, in the event of a football or other injury...and she was seen by them. I may also add, they were wonderful! I have never met such nice men, very willing to help in anyway. We left early and ended up at Children's Hospital in Plano...they were great as well!
So I made my girls some Bobcat Attire, and they looked adorable! I took these of them before the game started, and obviously prior to the said injury....

Aside from the injury, the game was great..I did not know I would get so excited, it was fun! In the start of the game, all the boys came out and were gearing each other up for the start..they played Kenny Chesneys' song "Boys of Fall", and in that video, if you have seen it, all the boys jump up and drop to the ground, at almost the same time! It was really cool!! I snapped these pics of it...

After the opening part, we actually stood and prayed over our team, on the loud speaker...They said a prayer. This was huge, to me...I have never been in a place where anyone has prayed, out loud, except in church, let alone on a loud speaker at a football game. These kids love God, this town, loves God, and I know I was brought here for the same reasons...all the reasons, I have thought of in my head, I was led here, it was no accident, it was God's plan for us.

It is amazing to me, to see such team work, these kids really have each others back..Pilot Point was injured 2x, each time these kids took a knee. They prayed while the kids were being looked at by the medics, it is a very close community..and while it takes time, to meet and make relationships, I have been blessed already in so many ways! At the game, my friend Lainey met us there with her girls, her daughter cheers with Bella, so we are together at all our games, for the kids. She is super nice, and at 10 pm when Brynne was hurt, she was with me, and walked back to the medics with me..She waited with my kids, and then when they said to take her to Children's she offered to come over and watch Scotty & Bella. Ok, I am thinking "Who does this?", she obviously has a husband and her own family, and we are "new" friends....I was and am VERY GRATEFUL! She came over and stayed, while we took Brynne, and we did not get back til about 2am. Her girls we asleep so they stayed here, which was the least I could do. I am in awe of how giving people are here, how helpful, and truly helpful they are. It has been a very eye opening experience for us, and is has been a big blessing.
So while my night ended up like this..

It was all good....God is Great, always...
Will post more tomorrow, about Scotty's game and our awesome Church service...
Good Night!

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