Monday, September 13, 2010

Cheer, Football, and more Cheer and Football

So Saturday was a game day, we had a noon game in Tom Bean Texas...Yes that is the name of the town, and there are 941 people that live in Tom Bean Texas!! We played against Princeton and we WON!!!! 19 to was so great! Although it was hotter than Haites...I mean it was so humid, it was terrible!! Bella cheered, I did not get as many pictures of her, because we were sitting right up under the announcer box, that was the ONLY very small amount of shade there was, and when I stood to snap a few pics, the fence line was right in the way!! But here are some of the game, again, there were some big kids on the team, and they were 1st graders....

And a few more....

The few pictures I did get of Bella are these...

Also remember last week, Bella got a hold of a puppy at the game...well they are someone on our teams and they brought them again...only I got them from a different angle...the angle of very hot and find me a cool place to sleep...I wish I had that!

After all our game day fun, we came home and took a nap...then we went and BBQ'd at our friends house (next door) and hung out and swam a kids had fun, and we do miss a pool...but they had a great time and we as well, being with our friends!

Well off to a great Monday start!! I walked with my friend JB this morning...her husband said she is the Walking Nazi..and I am sssooooo slow..I'll get there!!

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