Monday, September 20, 2010

On the Road to Recovery...

I ended up taking Scotty to the DR...AGAIN...this time I stuck a little closer to home..I knew he was sick, now with a sinus infection, I could tell by the way stuffy nose, the hacking up guck, and the talking through his nose....What I did not know is he had an ear infection, in not one but both ears!! The DR was asking me if he was complaining of ear pain, and not once did he ever..She was very surprised! it was that bad! So I finally got an antibiotic, which he probably needed sooner...but that is a whole nuther story, and I am too tired to go into it! i will say my "local" experience was great, and I will be taking any and all of my sick kids there this winter, including myself, and it is 8 minutes from my house, rather than 45!!
So Scotty will be back to school Wednesday...he is bored here! he misses his class friends and teacher, and then he will be able to be back at practice on Thursday..back to normal!
Brynne has snack week this week at school, so she was pretty excited to put the snacks in the snack bag, I will get a picture of that in the morning...along with Bella, as I made her an outfit, and tomorrow is picture day at school, Scotty will have to do a make up day..ugh!

So my week is off to a better start..yippee!!

There are three things that will endure- faith, hope, and love.
1 corinthians 13:13 NLT

Big Hugs,

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