Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Practice and the Fetal position

Thankfully it is not Scotty in the fetal postion.

Scotty is definately improving in the football department, it is all very foreign to him, the whole tackling, pummeling, and just plain roughness of it all. Yesterdays practice was good, it is all a learning experience!! here are a few photos I took then...

and here is what our girls do when he is practicing

Play Duck Duck Goose, until someone gets mad, and storms off, which would be our youngest daughter...Booey...School will do her a great justice!!

Then this morning, when I woke everyone up...I saw this....

This is so cute, the little leggies crossed..but how comforatble can this be?? Anyways she looked adorable, crazy hair and all....She is getting SO BIG! Usually, since her bed is on the floor right now, until the upstairs is done, I find her on the floor in between the mattress and the dresser!! I will be glad when her room, is actually her room, and it is all set up!
Well is has been threatening rain, and now thankfully it is finally raining!!! Our trees and grass need water, and better that it is FREE! haha...
Have a blessed Wednesday!

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