Saturday, September 24, 2011

day 2 loading

So sadly I will admit, I ate at five guys twice yesterday...I had to force dinner down my throat and that was at 8:00 last night. I haven't eaten this much food, and it is alot.

I took all my measurements, and weight..I am 126 (gained 1 lb from yesterdays loading) and Thankfully today is the last day of loading...

the last meal per se'..

I am going to have Scott take my before picture tonight..I won't post it til the end of the 24 days though..wouldn't want to scare my few sweet readers away!

We had football and cheer this morning, Scotty's team won...YAY! the other team didn't even score..(that was us last weekend)

Am thinking of Cheesecake factory for dinner, that'll put me over the edge..

Have a great weekend, and enjoy every minute!
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