Friday, September 30, 2011

day 8

I weighed 119.8 this morning...Just when I want to give in, I somehow am being able to stay is so hard! I have heard the cravings or being hungry go away, but that has not happened for me yet, I keep praying it does, I think I just LOVE food so much! I was prepared to feel like a truck hit me, between the lack of sugar, carbs and diet coke...but I am so thankful I am feeling great!
Here is what my salad/cottage cheese lunch looks like, I know not that appetizing, but super good!

romaine lettuce
non-fat cottage cheese
2 roasted garlic Melba snacks

On another note...I was out at Target yesterday with the girls to get Halloween costumes, and I came across a super deal......

The BEST thing about this deal, is I got all of them for the price of ONE PAIR!!! Actually UNDER $30!!!
I had bought Brynne the purple glittery ones, a while back at the price of $30. I ended up taking them back because my mom sent a pair of Twinkle Toes that were way cuter...So when we were at Target, I went to the shoes to look for something to go with Bella's costume, and there they were on an end cap at $6.50 to $6.75 each...I was able to buy one pair each for now, and one pair each for the next size up!

I love it when that happens!
Happy Friday....
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