Saturday, September 3, 2011

real life

So when I linked up on the SUYL blog over at Kelly's Korner...I had someone, anonymously leave me a comment, that I will not publish. It was not horribly mean, but it claimed I am not a Christian because I complained.

Hold up. First off I am a believer, a firm believer..but I am also a a real person, a human being, and life does not always go as we plan, and yes I complain. We ALL do..maybe not in a public forum or on a blog, but we are real life people. If you read my about me, I say, I am a daily sinner, I am not perfect, and anyone who thinks other wise, really has no clue.

I write this blog for my friends and family, in other states, California and Texas, because it would be impossible to talk to every person every other day to keep them up on my life. If you don't like it, leave, no one asked you to read it.

It is a choice to read it or not, and for you to comment on me, and my life, go comment somewhere else.

I would NEVER call someone out, it is not my place, it is their life and they have to live it, not me.

So while I was taken back, and it made me think about a few things...
Do I struggle with my walk..yes
Am I having a hard time at this point in my life....yes
Am I particularly happy with my current
Do I pray daily or more...YES am seeking guidance, praying for strength and giving my worries to Him..

So what I am saying is I appreciate all of you that read my blog, are real people, with struggles and worries and plans that don't go as planned, that is life, and REAL life at that....

I am in a place I never thought I would be, not by choice but by circumstance, I know it will get better, I have Faith and Hope to carry me, along with great friends and family.

So if you don't like MY life, then stop right there and click on another blog...You don't have to be here, You have a choice.

I struggle sometimes with what to share on here, and I do not share one does...but I do share things that I have a hard time with, Right Now...and this is a log for my family, for my past, for them to see life is not always what you want it to be, sometimes it has to be made...

Have a Happy weekend, a Real life weekend....
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  1. Well... who ever said that was an ass. Period. And I AM a Christian. I too have heard that sort of nonsense from other "Christians", and I believe you are right... Being human, and a sinner, we will fail, we will complain, and God knows all of it. I think complaining without action is the real problem, but if you state the problems, but also state, and show that you are working for change, and that you need prayers, and that you don't take the things you have been given for granted then no one can ask for more. God knows your heart, and he knew your life would be just as it is. I love that you share some of the trials. It IS real, and you don't share it in a manner as to burden people. Keep being REAL.

  2. Hi Christina!! I'm a new reader, visiting from Kelly's Korner link up. I'm sorry you received such a comment, those anonymous buggers really have a way of getting under our skin and they ARE NOT worth it!!! Whoever left it must not understand what being a christian really is - because it's NOT about being perfect or happy all the time. It's about being a sinner and striving to be like Christ every day. And we fail sometimes. We fail a lot of times. Don't let this person get to you. God knows your heart :)

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  3. Thanks Girls..You are right, I am not going to let this comment get me down, it is not worth it! Also I might add, being a Christian, means lifting up others, when they are down, being supportive and a friend in Christ...NOT being judgemental, becaus e the bible says that too...not to judge!
    Have a wonderful weekend! and enjoy your day!!

  4. All I know is that there is only one person who can judge us and he isn't here on earth. :) You can't please everyone and I think your blog is just FABULOUS! :) Ignore the nasty people because there are so many other people out there who love to read blogs about people who are NOT perfect and they can identify with. :)Erin

  5. I am not a family or a real life friend, but I ENJOY reading your blog. You are real and open and that is why I keep coming back .. even though it won't let me comment all the time. :) Don't let that comment get you down ... you KNOW some ppl have nothing more to do than leave ugly comments ... what you can do is pray for that person .. obviously .. he/she just might need it.

    Keep writing ... you ARE helping others ... Jai


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