Wednesday, September 14, 2011

prayers please

Today started out like a normal Wednesday...we have our getting ready routine, it is the same for the kids everyday, wake up get dressed, make your bed, pu your dirty clothes, brush teeth, comb hair and then we head to the kitchen for breakfast.

Except for today.

As I braided Bella's hair, and she decided what earrings she was going to wear...I put one earring in, and she fell to the floor. I panicked and have never seen anyone, let alone my child either pass out or have a seizure. I held her, calling her name, I saw her eyes roll back in her head and her hands clench up.

I was beyond scared.

I screamed for Scotty to get the phone, atleast 3x...I did not know what to do...She then woke up and was crying, she fell on the bathroom floor, straight to the tile. She has a golf ball size bump on the back of her head.

We so far have spent the morning at her Dr's office, they checked her out, pricked her finger for glucose and hemoglobin, and they came back normal. Her blood pressure was a little high and they ordered an EKG, and a lot of blood work, but she has to fast so we will be doing the blood work in the morning..

We went to do the EKG and they called me back with the results, but they are at lunch now.

So please pray that she is fine, and that this was some fluke thing..I will update after I hear more..
In His Grace
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  1. Aww! I feel like I have missed so much! I am for sure praying for your girl. That does sound so scary. My friends little boy had a similar situation happen. He had about 3 seizures 3 weeks to a month apart, and they never found the reason. It was just a odd life occurance, and to this day he seems as alright as anyone. Praying!


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