Sunday, September 18, 2011 be able to do this

After the whirlwind week we had, I was grateful to be able to go to cheer and football this weekend, not to mention it was actually a "nice" hot, not unbearable! (yay!)

Bella's cheer actually cheered for Scotty's team this weekend, which is a double yay, it was good! We got beat down at the game, I think our boys heads, or more so hearts were not in the game...but they tried. I saw a marked difference in Scotty actually trying and blocking aka doing his "job" on the football field...woo hoo!!
Bella and Syndey

Coach Lisa and B..such a CUTE picture

Ice cream and cake cute! We will be doing this one fo' sho when we get back to Celina!!

Go Scotty #75

ummmm...last time I checked you weren't allowed to put your hands on helmets...

OK...heelloooo...Hands on Helmet, not to mention that the kid is a full helmet taller than Scotty!
Good job Scotty!!!

It was a good game, at the end we all huddled up so that the coach could talk to the boys...the part I L.O.V.E..he tells them that they were not their best, but that he is never mad at them...he just tells them he wants a 100% on Saturdays, they have a job to do and he needs them to be their very best, and that day they were not...

He gave out dog tags to the 3 players that he thought got out there and did give it their all, and he called out Scotty's name...YAY!!!!! I am so glad we got him as a coach, he is really a good guy, he takes time with each of the kids, and recognizes them, their strengths and weakness'...

And lastly I leave you with this one, the Booey...she was really good through out the game, and I attribute that to the fact it was not 9k degrees....

Make it great!!
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