Tuesday, September 27, 2011

day 5

this morning I weighed 122.5. This is also the first morning I felt a little nauseous... I am eating my fruit now so maybe that will help..1 red apple! (the biggest one I could find..lol)

Brynne stayed home sick yesterday, and she has a dr appointment this morning, I think she has a sinus infection..(yuck)

I sent out an email to friends and family of a video I took on my phone Saturday of Bella, I am going to try and post it here..I am not the most technically savvy person.

She is in the back middle of the video, the one who keeps rubbing her face, thanks I am sure to BUGS! (gotta love the bugs in Florida..ugh) The sound works, so scroll down and pause my music so you can hear it!

Big Hugs!
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